About us

Hi, I'm Jackie! I'm the founder of FD Market. 

I decided to open the market in December 2019 after struggling to find local resources for sustainable living. 

I was a miserable college student working a job that I hated. I had spent the entire year prior travelling full time, and was struggling to find my calling. At the same time, I was working on living more sustainably. I was disheartened that there was nowhere locally to shop for eco-friendly products. I had seen these refill stores popping up on the west coast, and knew this was something the Lehigh Valley needed. 

So, I dropped out of college, and used the insurance money from my totaled car to buy some inventory. I started super small, with only a handful of products, as I couldn't afford to do much more. As the movement began to grow, I was able to expand our offering. 

A whole 2.5 months into the business, the entire world shutdown, thanks to a global pandemic. 

The uncertainty (especially for such a young business) was debilitating. But I pushed on with the support of my family. I spent long days marketing and working to grow our social media following. I was able to support the business and pay all of our bills until we we're able to re-open in June of 2020. 

Since our re-opening, we have been overwhelmed by the support of not only our local community, but from our friends all over the country as well. I love helping you to make changes to lead a more sustainable, intentional life. 

Getting to work with and serve the like-minded, passionate individuals is the privilage of a lifetime. 

Thank you for supporting this dream.