Commercial Refill Program

We are specializing in providing plant-based, natural, and plastic free product refills on a commercial level, for all of your businesses needs. 

Our commercial refill service will provide your business with high quality, natural refills for all of the products you are already using, without the plastic. From soaps and hand sanitizer, to cleaners and detergents, we have you covered!

Why is this of interest to you?

Customers and clients value businesses that are committed to sustainability.Reduce your businesses single-use plastic waste. Obtain a special commercial discount on our top quality, plant-based, natural products.Our refill service will take the guesswork and hassle out of ordering supplies. 

Here’s how it works:

We will schedule a free consultation. Whether in-person or virtual, we will assess the products you currently use, the volume of products you go through, and a refill schedule. We will compile a custom quote for the type, volume, and frequency of your refills. You are welcome to use containers/dispensers you already have, or we are happy to add in glass or aluminum dispensers to your first service. We will visit your place of business and refill your dispensers on a mutually agreed upon, regular basis. (Typically bi-weekly or monthly.)

Why are we launching this service? 

For a year we have been providing our community with zero-waste refills. We now have the capacity, man power and systems in place to offer this service on a commercial level as well. We are passionate about reducing waste, and creating a greener future. As individuals, we can only do so much. We need more accountability for sustainable choices being made on the commercial level as well. When businesses set an example, their trusting consumers follow. We know many of our fellow Lehigh Valley businesses are committed to sustainability, and we want to offer an opportunity to cut down on waste in an area that is typically hard to do so.