SIMPLE Bathroom Cleaner

SIMPLE Bathroom Cleaner

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The bathroom requires a little more kick than just all purpose cleaner. With a stronger dose of organic distilled white vinegar (odorless when dry) and an organic essential oil blend tailored to keep your bathroom clean and minty fresh!

NOW FEATURING CONCENTRATED REFILL OPTION! In option size just select “CONCENTRATE”. Will make 3 refills of 16oz or 6 refills of your 8oz spray bottle


For 16oz bottles just pour 1/3 of your concentrate into a 16oz spray bottle and top off with distilled or filtered water for best results.

For 8oz bottles just fill to concentrate line or measure 3 TB before topping off with distilled or filtered water. 

How does it clean?

Organic Distilled White Vinegar makes an amazing natural cleaner because of its specific level of acidity. It can kill both viruses and bacteria effectively, how? It chemically changes the proteins and fats in hazardous germs and destroys their cell structure.