Back to School: Dorm and House Care

Dorm and House Care

It’s back-to-school season! It’s that time of year when students across the country race to any store in reach to purchase fresh school supplies -- but what about the other stuff? 

I’m talking about home goods! These are non-academic items you will need in the coming months. Especially for college students moving into dorms this fall, back-to-school shopping can be stressful, but also fun! We can help by providing you with some eco-friendly essentials.

Below are a handful of items we carry that will help you be successful this upcoming school year -- whether you are embarking on high school or college.


  1. Stain & Odor Laundry Pods: During the school year, it is natural to always be on the move; often the last thing on your mind is laundry. Whether you are staying at home or are away at college, you can simplify your laundry routine and reduce your waste by throwing in a laundry pod instead of pouring from a plastic bottle. 
  2. Dryer Balls: Instead of using dryer sheets, toss in a few of these reusable balls that will reduce drying time by 25% and remove wrinkles. (To give your clothes a scent, add a few drops of essential oil to the balls).
  3. Stain Remover Bar: Life happens; accidents occur; stains are made. But, we have a chemical-free way to efficiently remove stains from your clothes! To use the Stain Remover Bar, simply wet the stained area, apply the remover bar, and launder.


  1. Food Huggers: A long day of studying and learning can leave you feeling hungry,  and sometimes you can’t finish everything. Don’t waste food and money, when you can just use Food Huggers! Silicone Food Huggers will seal open jars, cans, and small containers, or wrap around a fruit or vegetable to keep them fresh longer (we even have ones specifically for avocados!). We also carry Food Huggers Glass Lids that flexibly cover any bowl. You can always save for later!
  2. Stasher Bags: For snacks in your fridge or in your bag, these reusable silicone bags are the perfect solution to the decades-old problem of plastic bags! They can also be used as storage in the freezer or as a container in the microwave. Stasher Bags come in snack, sandwich, half gallon, and stand-up sizes.
  3. Unpaper Towels: When it comes to food, there is always the possibility of a mess. Whether you are eating lunch in a cafeteria/dining hall, or snacking in your room, it is always a good idea to have an Unpaper Towel ready to go! They are super absorbent and can be machine washed after a couple uses.


  1. Bamboo Cutlery Set: You can take this cutlery set with you anywhere: school, out with your friends, a farmer’s market -- or you can store it in your car so you have it for any occasion. The set contains a bamboo straw, fork, knife, spoon, chopsticks, and straw cleaner all wrapped in a roll-up case that makes the package perfect for travel. With this set, you will never have to worry about using plastic utensils again.
  2. String Bag: For your lunch, travel essentials, or grocery shopping needs, these string bags cover everything. The bag is very expandable to hold anything you need, but can also wrap up to be perfect for storage and travel. 
  3. Reusable Straw: These stainless steal straws are great for on-the-go routines and eliminate your need for plastic straws. They are dishwasher safe but are not recommended for the microwave.


  1. Candles: It is undeniable how stressful a school year can get, and everyone needs time to unwind. Lighting a warm-smelling candle can be the simplest and most comforting way to relax. Smell the array of scents we carry from Cave Glow Studios, or try our home-made Coconut Candles that are made in the shell of a coconut. All of our candles are clean-burning, with no harmful additives. 
  2. Incense: Made from fragrance blends and essential oils, the incense we carry promotes the creation of a positive and calm space that helps you to relax and clear your head after a stressful day. 
  3. Eco-Dough: Eco-Dough can be used for people of all ages! If you are a type of person that likes to fidget while doing school work, Eco-Dough is the perfect choice; it's made from natural, nontoxic ingredients. Eco-Dough is not currently sold online.

Start your school year right with not only the essential school supplies, but also the home goods you need to be successful outside of the classroom. If you are curious to see what else we have for your back-to-school shopping, come visit us at our store in Emmaus, our mobile van at your local farmer’s market, or online on our website.

Next up is a blog on self care back-to-school items to give you some ideas for what you might want to purchase to take care of yourself -- because you are so important!

Thank you for taking steps towards a greener future!

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