How Do Refill Shops Get Their Product? Behind the Scenes of our Closed Loop System

One of the most common questions we receive as a sustainable refillery is:

"Well how do YOU receive the bulk product? Isn't there waste?"

We're giving you the long answer, and a peek behind the scenes at how we receive our bulk inventory!

As a refill store centered around sustainability, our goal is to eliminate waste in our supply chain, and we do that through what we call a Closed Loop System.

We partner with suppliers that are able to provide us with high quality natural household and body care products in bulk. We receive these products mainly in huge 55 and 30 gallon drums. We use these drums to refill customers containers that they bring in to refill! 

But wait - aren't those drums plastic?? Doesn't sound very zero-waste to me!

They are, but they are not single use! Once one of these drums is completely empty, we are able to return it to the manufacturer to sanitize, refill it, and return it to us! We save up our empty drums until we have enough to fill a pallet, and then have the shipped back to our supplier. 

This completely eliminates single-use plastic from our supply chain. Any plastic is durable enough that it is used, cleaned, and reused endlessly. 

We have been able to divert over 100,000 plastic bottles from landfills over the last 5 years with our closed loop system. 

It's something we're pretty proud of, and we hope that you are too! 

Want to join the refill revolution? Bring your clean empty bottles and refill your household + personal care products with us! Take a peek at our refill menu here

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