Matcha Lemonade + Honey Recipe

Spring has officially sprung, and we are celebrating with one of our favorite springtime sips! Matcha Lemonade is a fun afternoon pick-me-up or perfect as a mocktail if you're having a sober spring. This drink inspired one of our springtime fragrances: Matcha Lemonade + Honey. It smells just like this drink tastes, and will have you daydreaming of sunshine. 

The earthiness from the Matcha green tea balances the sweetness from your favorite lemonade, making it a light and refreshing drink!

I like to make my lemonade from scratch, but store bought is also perfect for this recipe. I recommend the Santa Cruz Organic Lemonade. My personal recipe is also included below. I use an organic matcha powder from Matcha LOVE.

This springtime sip is best enjoyed with a reusable glass straw with your favorite book! 

Tag us on Instagram if you try out this recipe, we would love to see your sustainable sips! If you're intrigued by our Matcha Lemonade scent, it is now available as both a candle and a room spray


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