Mother's Day 2021 Local Gift Guide

I know it’s easy to log onto your computer, google “what to get my mom for Mother’s Day,” click on the first option, and call it quits. But I assure you, there is a better and more thoughtful way.

Shopping local can do a great deal to support our community.

Especially after suffering over a year in a pandemic, small, local businesses need all the help they can get. Choosing to spend your time and money browsing through the shops or websites of these local stores can make a huge impact on their business and our community.

Plus, the environmental benefits are totally worth it.

Majority of the businesses on this list are working towards a greener planet by being environmentally conscious in considering their products, packaging, and shipping materials. 

There are so many local businesses in the Lehigh Valley, so where should you start? Here are our top picks for businesses and products you should check out for this year’s Mother’s Day present.

Moms can be under a lot of stress taking care of the kids and sometimes they may forget the essentials of self-care.

Treat them to some organic and zero-waste skincare products. Khinez Organics, currently located online, is having a buy 2 get 1 free Mother’s Day sale on all soaps and creams! Try out this sample combination to fulfill the sale: “Daily Soothing Cream” ($35.00), “Shea + Turmeric Soap” ($10.00), and “Walnut Chamomile Soap ($10.00).”

If your mom always seems to be cleaning up everyone’s messes, you should check out Earthy Ediths. Earthy Ediths, located in Wind Gap, PA, sells simple and natural cleaning solutions. On top of that, all of their products are sustainably packaged. The best part? You can find their products on our website and in our store!

In addition to just products, this family works as a team to clean local homes. One review even described their services as leaving a “sparkling” clean home. Whose mom wouldn’t want their house to have a natural, deep clean before the summer? Get a quote and gift your mom the gift of a clean home!

It may seem silly to get your mom deodorant for Mother’s Day but hear me out. Bai-Li Deodorant is environmentally-friendly with its plastic-free packaging and their product is natural and good for your skin. It is a great alternative to “regular” deodorant found in most stores. Their products are fragrance-free, but they still come in a variety of fun natural scents: lavender & peppermint, eucalyptus & rosemary, lemon and bergamot, cedarwood & sweet orange, or unscented. We also carry most scents in our shop!

Looking to take a sweeter route? Try out the Dolce Patisserie in Hellertown. Chef Alan makes homemade chocolates, pastries, confections, cakes, and special orders. Give Mom a box of chocolates or go all out and order their signature cake: chocolate with a vanilla creme brulee layer, fresh raspberries, and chocolate mousse. Yum!!

For your wine and spirit lovers, look into Franklin Hill Vineyards and Social Still at for sources of wine and spirit gifts! 

Social Still uses compostable stirrers made from renewable bamboo and reusable or compostable bags for all sales and they eliminated the use of plastic straws for their drinks. On top of that, with every bottle purchased from the store, Social Still donates to to provide 5 months of safe water to those who need it. They are working towards both a plastic-free and healthier world!

Want to treat your mom to a facial? Book an appointment at the Deca Salon! Their services extend from hair to waxing to messages and facials. Start small with their “30 minute facial” ($40.00) or go all out with the “Green Herb Facial with Hydro Jelly Mask” ($110.00). They are our neighbors, and located at 10 S Fourth St, Emmaus, PA.

And don't forget about us! Check out our website or come into our store to find all of our fun and sustainable products perfect for Mother’s Day. From Beauty & Skin Care to Kitchen & Cleaning - we’ve got you covered. If you're looking for a simple gift, I would recommend our candles which are great for stress relief. If you are seeking a gift under the self-love or make-up category, browse through our Personal Care, Beauty & Skin Care, and Hair Care collections which include an array of products sourced from sustainable businesses.

We hope this list has helped you find some environmentally conscious alternative options to the basic “Mother’s Day” google search.

Thank you for taking steps towards a greener future!

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  • Thank you for this timely information. I will definitely stop by your store. I am anxious to try some products that are planet friendly.

    Lois Cooney

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