Plastic Free July: Beauty Refillery

Plastic Free July: Beauty Refillery

It’s Plastic Free July! In the world of FD Market, we aspire to be plastic-free every month, but to encourage you to jump head-first into the eco-friendly world, we are holding unique specials each week for specific products.

The week of July 8th-14th is Beauty Refillery! 

What does that mean exactly? The Beauty Refillery is any product located in the refillery in our store, in the van, or online that you can use on your body. During this week, you can get 10% off any of those products by using your own container and filling up on the product of your choice!

Why should you care? 

Plastic in the beauty industry is a huge problem.

Think about a standard shampoo bottle. The bottle itself is probably made of plastic, right? Mostly likely, so is the lid. Then, there is probably a plastic overwrap around the lid that ensures the bottle hasn’t been opened. On top of that, if it is a 2-for-1 purchase, there is likely a thin layer of clear plastic keeping the two together!

In 2018, according to Euromonitor International, there were almost 7.9 billion units of rigid plastic created just for beauty and personal care products! To put that in perspective, there are about 7.9 billion people on this Earth. Modern humans first walked the Earth about 200,000 years ago. So, it took the human race 200,000 years to get up to 7.9 billion people, but only 1 year to create 7.9 billion units of plastic. Insane.

Often, this plastic will land in swirling ocean currents, called gyres, which will continue to circulate huge amounts of plastic until they end up inside a bird or fish or on the beaches of the nearest coastline. In the digestive system of an animal, plastic can take up so much space that there is eventually no room for food. This is just one area plastic ends up; it can also fill up our landfills and pollute our planet. Plastic takes on average 450 years to decompose! Yuck!

You can help save our planet, the oceans, and its animals!

By bringing in empty containers and refilling those, instead of repurchasing plastic, you can save our waters and its inhabitants from tons of pollutants!

Here are some products you can save 10% on this week to support our theme of Beauty Refillery:

All of our beauty refillery products contain clean, simple, and natural ingredients so your skin can feel clean and happy after use. Our products also cater to all skin types — especially sensitive ones!

  • Shampoo and Conditioner (Peppermint, Citrus, or Lavender): Our shampoo and conditioner products contain clean ingredients that cleanse your hair and keep it healthy and free of stripping (and they all smell good too!). 
  • Baby Hair & Body Wash: With soothing organic lavender distillate and calming chamomile, babies can enjoy a fun bubble bath while also leaving it with clean and healthy skin.
  • Body Wash (Tangerine + Lime or Ho Wood + Cedarwood): The body washes we carry smell so good! But, there are no perfumes or fragrances; it’s all essential oils! These body washes cleanse your pores of dirt, making for a relaxing and cleansing shower.
  • Body Scrub (Coconut or Sweet Almond): The body scrubs we carry are perfect for exfoliating in the shower and they leave your skin ultra hydrated and moisturized. Both the Coconut and Sweet Almond scents were made locally.
  • Mint Rose Lemon Body Oil: This light-textured, floral-infused body oil smells amazing! On top of that, the oil is extremely moisturizing, leaving the skin soft and smooth.
  • Hand Soap (Lavender & Lime or Grapefruit & Bergamot): This biodegradable and earth-friendly liquid hand soap leaves your hands clean and smelling amazing.
  • Alcohol Hand Cleansing Gel: Without leaving behind dry, uncomfortable skin, this cleansing gel thoroughly cleans your hands while also leaving them soft, hydrated, and smelling subtly of citrus.
  • Muscle Balm: Muscle Balm works to soothe overworked, stiff, or sore muscles by gently warming the area it is applied to and continuing the circulation to that part of the body. The balm is made locally and the relaxing smell comes from its essential oils.
  • Mama Balm: Mama Balm specializes in preventing stretch marks during pregnancy and makes skin very soft. It is also a great universal moisturizer for anyone struggling with dry, or itchy skin. It is made locally and contains the antioxidant Vitamin E (improves skin health).
  • Aloe + Jojoba Lotion: This Aloe + Jojoba lotion is the perfect universal moisturizer that soothes dry or itchy skin anywhere on the body. It is specially designed to balance pH levels on the skin, leaving it hydrated and healthy.
  • Baby Cream: Our Baby Cream is versatile, lightweight, and soothing, providing amazing hydration and nourishment to the skin (it’s not just for babies!).
  • Shaving Cream: The shaving cream we carry is rich, smooth, and foam-free. By preventing razor bumps and burns, the cream leaves skin smooth and conditioned. 
  • Clarifying Facial Cleanser: Our Clarifying Facial Cleanser uses Activated Charcoal to clean your skin, while its vitamins and extracts moisturize and rejuvenate it. It can be used up to twice a day and applied using circular motions. 
  • Green Tea Facial Cleanser: Our Green Tea Facial Cleanser uses gentle antioxidants to cleanse your skin. Similar to the Clarifying Facial Cleanser, this product can be used up to twice a day with circular movements.
  • Face Mask (Charcoal or Blue Green Algae): The charcoal mask uses Activated Charcoal and DMAE (an organic compound that improves skin tone) to give your skin a glowing look and feel. The blue-green algae mask uses blue-green algae and MSM (anti-inflammatory chemical compound) to purify, refresh, and refine skin. To use these masks, combine 2 parts powder and 1 part liquid of your choosing that is beneficial to the skin (examples: water, salt water, soy milk, goat milk, rice milk, etc). These products can be used on the face and body!
  • In our store in Emmaus, we carry 8 oz and 16 oz glass or aluminum bottles, 2 oz or 8 oz glass jars, and 64 oz jugs for you to purchase and fill up with! For online orders, we send products in the bottles, jars, or refill pouches.

    Come claim your 10% off any of these products up until July 14th!

    I hope some of the products on the above lists sparked your interest and you decide to visit us in Emmaus or at the Easton Farmers’ Market with your empty containers handy!

    Thank you for taking steps towards a greener future!



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