Summer Clean Out!

As the sun beams stronger and the weather heats up, spending more time outside becomes inevitable. The fresh feeling of breezy summer air does not need to simply be limited to the outdoors. Give your home that fresh, crisp feeling by partaking in some spring-into-summer cleaning.

Don’t know where to start? Here are sustainable ways you can clean out and dust off your home for the summer.


Clean Out, Repurpose, and Donate

A classic form of freshening up your home is going through your closet, drawers, cabinets, and pantries to pick out the clothes and other household items that you no longer have a use for. Just because these items are no longer serving a purpose for you, does not mean they still don’t have a usage. 

Before throwing anything away, first give thought to if it can be recycled or repurposed in another way. For example, can you turn those jeans into jean shorts? Or bring in that old container to be filled up at your local refillery? If you are thinking about the latter, check out our full list of refill items here to see if you are interested in using that container to transport any of them!

Once you have decided an article of clothing or household item no longer serves a purpose for you, donate! Does your younger cousin need a pair of jeans? Or a container to put their school supplies in? If you cannot find a direct purpose for your possessions, take them to your local Goodwill or thrift store. Companies like Lazy Camel Clothing will collect second-hand clothes and give them a new life! For a full circle effect, go to a thrift store or a second hand clothing brand to do your next shopping trip.

Fortunately, we carry really cute summer clothes from Lazy Camel Clothing that you can browse when you are stopping in for your weekly dish and laundry essentials!

Deep Clean

Outside of removing clutter, clean outs can also include a deep clean of your kitchen, bathroom, and living areas. We carry a multitude of natural cleaning products you can feel safe using in your home. Child and pet-friendly, these products will not only clean your home, but give it a fresh scent too! All of the following can be found on our Kitchen & Cleaning page.

Liquid Products:

  • All-Purpose Cleaner
  • Bathroom Cleaner
  • Cozy Cabin Cleaner
  • Stone Cleaner
  • Dusting Spray
  • Sweet Pillow Mist
  • Mask & Linen Freshener
  • Wood + Tile Floor Cleaner Concentrate

Solid Products:

  • Toilet Bombs
  • Power Scour
  • Carpet Fresh


  • Oval Cleaning Brush
  • Pot Scrubber
  • Dish & Vegetable Brush
  • Dish Brush
  • Bottle Brush
  • Toilet Bowl Brush


  • Duster
  • UNpaper Towels
  • Swedish Dishcloths

Have any questions about the products above? Or just want to try them out for yourself? Stop by our Emmaus or Easton store and talk to us! Any piece of clothing or plastic container you can divert from a landfill by giving it a new purpose truly makes a positive change.

Thank you for taking steps towards a greener future!

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