Guide to an Eco-Friendly Shower

Autumn is swiftly blowing in and with it comes cool breezes and chilly weather. One of the best ways to warm up is by taking a steamy, relaxing shower at the end of the day. So, how can you maximize your experience while also staying eco-friendly? Here are a couple ways you can do just that.

The first suggestion is to shorten your shower time. Not only does this save YOU time, it saves a lot of water. In a 10 minute shower alone, with a standard shower head, about 25 gallons of water is used! The goal time is around five minutes, but for most, this can’t happen overnight; it’s a transition. Every day, try cutting off a little more time until you reach your goal. However small it may seem, it will make a huge difference over time.

The next suggestion is to switch over to solid shampoo and conditioner and body soaps. Oftentimes, liquid shampoos and body washes contain over 50% water, while our solid bars are a concentrate of just the simple, natural ingredients you need. Because of this, the solid forms require way less energy to manufacture and to transport, greatly reducing your carbon footprint. (For a guide on how to use shampoo and conditioner bars, check out this blog post!)

We carry four different types of HiBar Solid Shampoo and Conditioner bars and five types of Butter + Lye Face and Body Soaps; they are all formulated slightly different to match your personal needs! The natural and gentle ingredients in the Butter + Lye soaps work for your standard full-body wash as well as a soft, facial cleanse. (Check out our website or talk to us in-store to learn more about our varieties and what works best for you!).

To pair with your body soap, we have Woven Soap Bags. These bags serve four amazing purposes: to reduce waste by extending soap life, to add exfoliation to your shower ritual, to lather your soap bar, and to help travel with your soap. Simply put the remaining pieces or a whole soap bar into the bag and feel the soft texture of the soap bag as it makes your bar bubbly and foamy. 

For any of your bars, we have Compostable Soap Dishes. These dishes help extend the life of your bars by raising them out of water and keeping them nice and dry between uses.

The conventional plastic-based loofah found in most grocery stores contains microplastics that flow down your shower drain and straight into the ocean, where they contribute to the large plastic pollution currently swimming in our waters. To replace those loofahs, we have five alternatives for you. Five!!

  1. Plant-Based Bath Pouf: It works just as a plastic-based loofah would, except it has a softer feel and is plant-based and machine washable! At the end of its life, you can compost it -- no waste!
  2. Body Brush: The soft bristles of the body brush combined with the long bamboo handle make this brush the perfect addition to your shower routine. It’s long-lasting, circulation-improving, and biodegradable and compostable.
  3. Sisal Washcloth: Made from the same ingredients and consisting of the same feel as the Woven Soaps Bags, these washcloths exfoliate, lather, and compost.
  4. Natural Loofah Sponge: Great for cleansing and exfoliating, the loofah sponges are made from a dried loofah plant and are 100% biodegradable and compostable. They are currently not sold online.
  5. Loofah Soap: Last but not least, we have our loofah soaps! The soap itself is handmade from all natural ingredients and the loofah in the center is made from a compostable natural sea loofah. For the 2-in-1 of cleansing and exfoliating, look to the loofah soaps!


To end off the guide, we have the Shower Steamers! These have been a fan favorite since we started selling them. They are essentially bath bombs for your shower! Place them out of the direct stream of water, watch them fizz, and experience the spa-like atmosphere created by the intense fragrance of the steamers. (You might also notice how they relieve your sinuses).

As always, I hope you found this guide helpful for your sustainable journey. Feel free to visit us in Emmaus, at the Easton Farmers Market, or online to express any questions, comments, or concerns -- we’re here to support you! 

Thank you for taking steps towards a greener future!

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  • While for a long time I have been recycling, making an effort to reduce our trash, conscious of energy and water use (not necessarily from the cost point of view), this article provides a timely update on the progress to provide new (at least to me) alternate ways of reducing our impact on the environment. Earlier this morning, I read an article about saving water at home, and to complement that I was forwarded this blog. It has given me information to improve my habits and refreshed my interest in doing it. I’m going to share this posting. I am impressed by Lisa’s research and by her well written article. It is inspirational. Kudos to Lisa for working hands on the sustainability of our life style.

    Susana Novembre

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